Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?


What is your size range?


What is your price range?


How do fittings work?


How long do fittings take and what should I wear?

Revelation in Fit is a body positive, trans-friendly lingerie boutique that specializes in bra fitting. We cater to over 160 sizes which allows us to have the ability to perform personalized fittings. Along with complimentary bra fittings we also sell and fit corsets from Dark Garden Corsetry and What Katie Did. If you'd like to be fit with a large group of friends or family we also offer fitting parties which take place after regular business hours. To learn more about our services please visit our "Services" page located under the "About Us" tab. 

We truly believe that everyone deserves a bra that fits. As a body postive lingerie boutique we cater to over 160 different sizes. Currently we carry 28 band through 46 band and AA cup to K cup. We use the UK sizing method which means we do use double letter cups (DD, FF, GG, HH, etc). This size range allows us to fit persons who are petite, plus size, and everything in between. 

Our bras and bralettes range in price from $25-$190, but on average our bras are priced in the $60-$75 range. Corsets are between $200 and $845, chemises range from $60-$140, stockings are $15-$25, while garters and suspenders belts are around $55. The knickers, thongs, and briefs we carry range from $12-$90, but are typically around $30.

Revelation in Fit takes an educational and judgement free approach to bra fitting; we do all of the hard work for you. After we assess your wants and needs we'll measure you using the UK sizing method. Once we gather your raw measurement we will bring you one diagnostic bra to help assess your size, natural shape, and comfort level as your raw measurement is just a starting point and doesn't always end up being the size that feels good to you. Once you have the diagnostic bra on your fitter will go over all of the points of fit with you. This way you know exactly what we are looking at when assessing your fit and you too can start to notice and recongnize a poor fit from a good fit throughout your fitting. After we've determined a good size range for you we will bring all of the bras that come in your size based on your needs and wants. Fitters are assigned to each customer so we are always available to do fit checks and adjustments throughout the entirity of your fitting; do not hesitate to ask us questions. There is no pressure to buy so if there are items you like but don't want to purchase that day we are always more than willing to create a customer profile for you that includes a wishlist for you to revisit at a later time. 

Fitting time may vary dependent upon the customer’s needs and how many styles they want to try on. That said, we recommend that customers budget at least 45 minutes to one hour for fittings. This allows enough time to fine tune your size and shape, and gives you the opportunity to try on multiple styles in your size. We do not put a time limit on fittings. 

If you are looking for an item to go with a specific garment (like a dress, or a low cut blouse) we recommend you bring it in with you. If you are looking for everyday wear we recommend you wear or bring a t-shirt along with you to try on over the bras . In the end you may wear whatever is comfortable for you!

Do you have to have an appointment and how do I make one?

Walk ins are always welcome in any of our locations and fitting rooms are given on a first come first serve basis. However weekends tend to be our busiest time so we do recommend making an appointment to ensure you are able to get a room. We have four fitting rooms in our Oakland and San Francisco locations and six fitting rooms in our Los Altos location. You can make an appointment over the phone, in person or through this website. Please see our "Contact Us" page for more information. 

Is there parking?


What is your return policy?


Do you sell gift certificates?


Do you fit trans-women or male presenting persons?

Metered parking is available next to all three of our locations. At every location there are a number of side streets that have free two or three hour parking within walking distance. On weekends it can be a bit more difficult to find parking, so we recommend that you plan to arrive early. Parking on Sunday is free.

Our return policy is as follows:

  • Items must be in resellable condition and show no signs of wear including:

    • no stains/discolorations

    • no scents

    • no dents

  • Tags must still be attached to the garment

  • Must be within 14 days of the purchase date

  • Must have receipt in hand or on phone

  • Absolutely no refunds or exchanges will be accepted on the following:

    • Clearance, discounted, or sale items

    • Knickers, thongs, or briefs of any kind including swim bottoms

    • Hosiery

  • Corsets and waspie belts are subject to a 20% restocking fee

We do offer gift certificates that can be redeemed at all three of our locations. Gift certificates can be made out to any amount; we recommend an amount of $75 - $150 based on our average price point. Gift certificates never expire and can easily be purchased in person or over the phone at any of our locations. We currently do not offer a way to buy a gift certificate via our website. Gift certificates are the perfect way to ensure your loved one will receive the perfect fit without having to guess their size!

Absolutely. Our motto is "'Everyone Deserves a Bra that Fits" and when we say everyone we mean everyone. If you or your loved one prefers a specific pronoun please feel free to inform your fitter at the beginning of your fitting. We recognize and respect the fact that not everyone falls into the binary pronouns of he or she. Regardless of who you are, if you'd like to wear lingerie we are here to help you find the fit that allows you to feel comfortable and confident.